Lemko’s ABC, that is a meeting of ambassadors of the Lemko world — invitation

10 June 2023

Just before the 41st Lemko Watra in Zdynia, we would like to meet you and reflect on what is closest to every Lemko — what is the past, present and future of the Lemko world.

We are facing a challenge, which we will repeat periodically from 2023 in a small, but very charming village Nowica, which aura will certainly positively influence interesting discussions.

This year we are honored to host the following Lemko world ambassadors:

  • Bishop Ph.D Arkadiusz Trochanowski — Ph.D of theological sciences, bishop of the Olsztyn-Gdańsk eparchy,
  • Professor Roman Wysocki — Professor at University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska in Lublin,
  • Professor Jarosław Moklak — Professora at Jagiellonian University in Cracow,
  • Professor Jarosław Syrnyk — Professor at Wroclaw University,
  • Ph.D Olga Kich-Masłej — Ph.D at Jagiellonian University in Cracow,
  • Ph.D Anna Barnat — Ph.D of social sciences, director of the Lemko Watra in Zdynia,
  • Grzegorz Trochanowski — President of the Lemko Union,
  • Paweł Sokół — a solicitor,
  • Wacław Szlanta — President of Jan Krynicki Educational Foundation,
  • Grzegorz Suchanicz — Deputy-chairman of the Lemko Union.

Program of events:

July 10, 2023
Monday, 5.30 p.m

Young Lemko — a citizen of Poland and the world

  • Who is young Lemko?
  • How does he find himself in such a rapidly changing reality?
  • What is the Lemko Region to him?
  • What is his identity?
  • Is he looking for his identity?
  • What patterns does he have?
  • What questions is he looking for answers to?

Moderator: Ph.D Olga Kich-Masłej
Ambassadors: Professor Jarosław Moklak, Ph.D Anna Barnat, Grzegorz Suchanicz

July 11, 2023
Tuesday, 5.30 p.m

Deportation — facts
and myth

  • What is deportation?
  • Why is it still worth talking about it?
  • What facts are still unsaid?
  • Which myths are particularly harmful to the Lemko community?
  • What is the point of view of the Lemkos on this matter?
  • How to deal with the difficult experiences of the past?
  • How to cherish the past?

Moderator: Grzegorz Suchanicz
Ambassadors: Professor Roman Wysocki, Professor Jarosław Syrnyk, Ph.D Olga Kich-Masłej, Wacław Szlanta

July 12, 2023
Wed., 5.30 p.m

Dilemmas of contemporary Lemko

  • Who is the contemporary Lemko?
  • What dilemmas does he face?
  • What are the needs of Lemkos and are they marginalized?
  • Which elements of Lemko culture should be nurtured with special attention?

Moderator: Ph.D Anna Barnat
Ambassadors: Bishop Ph.D Arkadiusz Trochanowski, Professor Jarosław Syrnyk, Grzegorz Trochanowski, Paweł Sokół

July 13, 2023
Thursday, 5.30 p.m

Painting vernissage

by professor Viktor Moskalyuk and Makar Moskalyuk
from Lviv