Stefaniya Markowych

was born in 1951 into the Ukrainian family of Bogdan and Maria Stech (née Fecio) who were deported from the villages of Wierzbica and Stary Lubliniec during Operaton ‘Vistula’.

She spent her childhood with her siblings in the village of Prusinko, Wałcz district.

After graduating from the Medical School of Nursing, she went on to study at the Faculty of Nursing of the Silesian Medical Academy, gaining her Master’s degree in nursing.

After retiring, she and her husband settled in the village of Nowica, Gorlice county.

Mykhailo Markowych

was born in 1946 into the Ukrainian family of Osyp and Olena (née Kofla) in the village of Uście Ruskie, nowadays Uście Gorlickie.

During the deportation of the Ukrainian population as part of the Operation ‘Vistula’, he and his family was moved to Lower Silesia region, near Szprotawa.

After graduating from Ukrainian High School, he studied at the Faculty of Medicine of the Pomeranian Medical Academy.

He obtained a specialist degree in orthopaedics and traumatology. He is an Honorary Citizen of the City of Lviv and a Doctor Honoris Causa of the Lviv Academy of Fine Arts.

After his retirement, he settled in the village of Nowica, Gorlice County.