Lemko ABC, or a meeting of ambassadors of the Lemko world — invitation

2 July 2024

We invite you to the 2nd edition of popular science meetings, which aim to familiarize the inhabitants of the Lemko region, the Gorlice Land, the Uście Gorlickie Commune and the Lemkos arriving before the 42nd Lemko Culture Festival — Lemko Watra in Zdynia, who the Lemkos are.

Once again, we will have special guests with us:

  • Anna Barnat Ph.D — Ph.D of social sciences, director of the Lemko Watra in Zdynia;
  • Robert Andrzej Dul Ph.D — Wilanów Academy Association, Wilanów Museum;
  • dr hab., prof. UWr Światosław Gal — professor at the University in Wrocław;
  • Katarzyna Jagodzińska Ph.D — manager of the Europa Nostra Heritage Hub for Central and Eastern Europe in Krakow;
  • Olga Kich-Masłej Ph.D — Ph.D at Jagiellonian University in Cracow;
  • Łukasz Połomski Ph.D — president, coordinator for genealogical and historical matters of the “Sądecki Sztetl” Association;
  • Grzegorz Suchanicz MA — Deputy-chairman of the Lemko Union;
  • Monika Szewczyk MA — Ph.D student at the Doctoral School of Social Sciences of the Jagiellonian University;
  • Wasyl Szlanta MSc — president of the Lemko Educational Foundation;
  • dr hab., prof. UMCS Roman Wysocki — professor at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.

Program of events

JULY 15, 2024
MONDAY, 5.00 P.M

Łosie — the most famous Lemko village?

Moderator: Grzegorz Suchanicz MA
Ambassadors: dr. hab., prof. UWr
Światosław Gal, Wasyl Szlanta MSc

JULY 16, 2024

Religious mosaic of the Lemko region

Moderator: Anna Barnat Ph.D
Ambassadors: dr. hab., prof. UMCS Roman Wysocki, Łukasz Połomski Ph.D, Monika Szewczyk MA

JULY 17, 2024
WED., 5.00 P.M

Intangible heritage of the Lemko region

Moderator: Olga Kich-Masłej Ph.D
Ambassadors: Robert Andrzej Dul Ph.D, Katarzyna Jagodzińska Ph.D

JULY 18, 2024

Exhibition of icons by Katarzyna Kuziw

Palimpsests” — Roman Hawran sings the poetry of Wasyl Stus; commentary on texts and contexts: Olga Kich-Masłej PhD