Monodrama “The Conversation” — invitation

25 March 2024

S. & M. Markowych NOWYCIA Foundation

invites you

on 13th April 2024 /Saturday/,
5 p.m.
to Nowica 95

for a monodrama titled “The Conversation”
based on a story by Lesia Ukrainka.

Director — Iryna Volytska
Actress — Lidia Danylchuk
Performance duration — 50 min.

The monodrama “The Conversation” is the first stage interpretation of the story by Lesia Ukrainka.

This is a confession of a former prima donna and a talented artist about her dramatic life, great love and fascination with theater. It is also a brave and at the same time provocative, in the context of gender issues, a conversation about the value of talent and vocation, the cruelty of everyday life and the no less cruel cruelty of art, about the ambiguity of life’s successes and failures.