Maria Ptak

14 October 2023
Today in NOWYCIA. Thank you! Exhibition of works by Epifaniusz Drowniak, also known as Nikifor, decorated with the singing
25 September 2023
S. & M. Markowych NOWYCIA Foundation invites you on 14th October 2023 /Saturday/, 5 p.m. to Nowica 95.
23 September 2023
Today we hosted exceptional artists in Nowica. Lidia Danylchuk and Roman Bil are exceptional people and creators.
31 August 2023
The music of pre-war Lviv in the compositions of Bohdan Wesolowski; NOWICA 95; September 23,
7 August 2023
The first half of summer is behind us… What was happening at the NOWYCIA Foundation? See for yourself!
6 August 2023
Today Mariusz Monczak, a world-famous violinist, a doctor of music by education, performed at the Nowycia Foundation.
1 August 2023
Next Sunday, August 6, at 5 pm in Nowica 95, a musical prayer for peace in Ukraine will take place.
12 July 2023
Who is the contemporary Lemko? What dilemmas does he face? What are the needs of Lemkos